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PORT INFORMATION                             113


Germany.  21 ft.-34 It.; fast working; 470 miles Leith.


South Africa. Chief trade: general cargo; good accommodation
and water depth; charges are heavy; 6,150 miles London,


Exports: wool, coal, maize, sugar, fruit; water depth 35 ft. and
over; 800 tons daily; 6,990 miles London.


Texas. Exports: cotton g-"d cotton-seed, grain, timber, oil, mineral
ores; charges are dear; water is deep; quick dispatch; good wharfage;
modern appliances; 5,000 miles London.


Chief port for Polish traffic; exports: coal, cement, timber, beet
sugar, salt; imports: iron ore, herrings; has modern appliances;
charges are reasonable and dispatch is average.

Leith, 900 miles; London, 790 miles (via Kiel).


Sweden. Exports: wood, wood-pulp, paper, steel, and iron ore;
charges are dear; water 25 ft. maximum; 1,100 miles Leith.


Sweden. Exports: as Gene with the addition of dairy produce;
good water depth; compulsory pilotage; good accommodation;
charges are dear; 520 miles Leith.


Nova Scotia. Exports: lumber, coal, fish, wood-pulp; charges
are moderate; deep water; quick dispatch; safe and deep harbour;
2,500 miles London.


Cuba. Exports: sugar, molasses, fruit, tobacco; charges are
cheap; 4,310 miles London.


Chili. Open roadstead plus 4 berths alongside; Exports: nitrate
of soda and mineral ores; imports: coal; loading and discharge
fairly fast but affected by weather; charges are somewhat complicated
and heavy, owing to time taken loading and discharging; 6,770 miles


Pakistan. Exports: grain seed, cotton wool, oil, and general;
water 28 ft-32 ft.; sand barred; caution when navigating; plenty
of accommodation; moderate charges; 6,090 miles London.


West Coos* Africa. Exports: cocoa and seeds, palm oil and nuts,
ivory, mahogany, and rubber; sand barred 27ft; loading in open
roadstead; slow turnabout; charges dear; 4,240 miles Loodon.